DIACOVA – Your partner for human resource development


We are specialists when it comes to people.

People shape and define the companies and organisations they work for. They are an unpredictable quantity: these ‘human components’ can help a company soar, or they can drag an organisation down.

Recognising the human potential within companies and organisations and developing it through targeted coaching is something we have specialised in since the year 2000. We take a practical, systematic and success-oriented approach to our work,  applying the tools of organisational psychology.

Commitment to human resource management – for you, the customer.

  • DIACOVA is your partner for staff development, work psychology and organisational advice for large companies, SMEs, institutions and the public sector.
  • All services are offered in German, French and Italian.
  • Competent, cost-effective and clear-cut.

Your objective is our command

You, the customer, are at the heart of our thinking and all we do. Our work is oriented to your individual issues, your processes and your employees.

We stand for clear values...

Our work is in line with the following values:

Quality. Flexibility. Respect. Transparency. Initiative.

These values, which govern our dealings with others, are also applied internally. The individual strengths of the DIACOVA employees are promoted and challenged in line with their personal aims and skills, and employed taking account of the business requirements.

...and our work is clear-cut, competent and cost-effective.

Our analyses are based on substantiated instruments and concepts from organisational psychology.
Complex content is communicated in a way that is readily understood by the recipients. A large body of expert knowledge is at your service.

We take pride in the fact that DIACOVA services are no more expensive than internal staff development. DIACOVA stands for high quality and the sustainable effects of the services provided.

Solutions are targeted and effective. The measures proposed are specific and feasible.